5 Extremely Popular And Acrobatic Martial Arts

acrobatic martial arts

When it comes to flipping techniques, jumping, spinning, and high flying, many different martial art styles may come across your mind. If you are looking for acrobatic martial arts, then you may know about XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts), which is one of the most acrobatic martial arts. Gymnastics was built into the system to design this art form. There are also many more acrobatic martial arts styles like Shaolin Kung, Wushu, Fu, Capoeira, and many more Olympic sports of Judo and TaeKwonDo. Every style has its purpose, and some are specially designed to include gymnastics into their curriculum.

Acrobatic martial arts have a large influence on television, movies, and media. This influence results in the huge demand for dramatic and drastic displays of the style. Such displays please not only students but also a large audience. The handsprings, flips, round-offs, and many other techniques which are combined with martial arts and self-defense have made this style amazing. Acrobatic martial arts like Xtreme martial arts, Taekwondo, Capoeira, Wushu, Judo, and many more like this are very popular these days. If you are also a huge fan of acrobatic martial arts, then you should keep reading to know more about these popular acrobatic martial arts styles.

Know About Different And Very Popular Acrobatic Martial Arts

XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts)

All the acrobatic martial arts styles blended, and their fusion is nowadays known as Xtreme


Taekwondo martial arts style is especially known for its kicking techniques, and it can be extremely useful during Self defense. Both males and females of any age can practice this popular and unique acrobatic martial arts style. The kicking techniques of this style make it different from others.

Wushu (Kung Fu)

Before learning this martial art, keep in mind that you must not use this technique during Self-defence. You cannot use the techniques of Wushu for fighting. It is a Chinese Martial Art and has a unique history.


This Afro-Brazilian martial art combines different elements of acrobatics, music, and dance. Enslaved Africans in Brazil developed this martial art. It is especially known for its Complex and acrobatic maneuvers. Each capoeira group can develop its styles.

Shaolin (Kung Fu)

It is one of the most famous, largest, and oldest acrobatic martial arts. Developed in the temple named Shaolin, this style combines Ch’an philosophy and martial arts. Shaolin (Kung Fu) styles include four major techniques, which are kicking, wrestling, grabbing, and hitting.


Acrobatic martial arts can provide you power and strength to face difficult situations. If you also want to learn acrobatic martial arts, then try choosing the best teacher for you. A martial art can provide you many benefits like a full-body workout, increased flexibility, and self-defense skills.

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