Acro Dance Classes Near Mexico – Why Choose Acro Dance Classes

acro dance classes near me

“Acro Dance Classes” is located in Medford, New York. “Acro Dance Studios” is an award winning dance studio in Medford NY. Whether you’re a professional or recreational dancer, we provide a full range of dance classes including Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap & Turn, and Lyrical. “Acro Dance Classes” offers instruction from only the best, qualified, and positive instructors.

“Acro Dance Studios” is run by Floirence Dunbar. “Acro Dance Studios” was named because it offers classes only from certified instructors. I was surprised to learn that it was a studio offering both classes for beginners and advanced classes, which is rare. The classes offered are also very diverse with many forms of traditional and contemporary dance styles. There’s a style for everyone.

Dance Camp

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There is even a “Dance Camp” offered for teens. This type of camp is similar to the boot camps offering dance lessons in various places for a week. It’s a great way to make new friends and foster an open community while learning new dance techniques. This is a great way to meet other dancers and get to know people who are in your same dance, jazz, hip hop or tap loving social circle. “Acro Dance Classes” offers both adult and teen classes.

Another one of my favorite things about “Acro Dance Classes” is that they are located within a few minutes distance of my home. It allows me to practice when I have free time. These few minutes at a time are well worth the investment. My daughter is now studying tap and hip hop and has taken very good notes. She plans on taking classes one of these days as her next challenge. She is already looking forward to practicing and meeting new friends.

Priced Course

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“Acro Dance Classes” is a very reasonably priced course. They charge a flat rate for both adults and children. Some basic dance equipment is provided. There is no need to bring your own stuff. They offer private lessons in both English and Spanish, which are provided by local dancers.

The benefits of “Acro Dance Classes” over a class at my local gym are numerous. First, I do not have to worry about class times and if I miss a class, I am guaranteed to be able to find it at another location. This is not the case at my local gym, where sometimes, classes are just packed. Sometimes, there is no music and it can be really boring. Secondly, it is much more comfortable for me to be in a class with other people, this way it is easier to socialize.

Quite Reasonable

The cost of “Acro Dance Classes” is also quite reasonable. There are some other classes that require you to wear certain attire like leotards. I prefer to have more control over what I am wearing and am not obligated to wear something that I would not feel comfortable in. If a friend or family member was going to be in class with me, I would prefer that they knew what I wanted and did not pressure me into something I would not enjoy.

Summing Up

The biggest benefit I have experienced from this class is how helpful the instructors are. My daughter has taken a few classes and really likes the style they focus on. They also keep her interested through encouraging and facilitating the learning process. It is a very gentle form of dancing and she has enjoyed every minute of it. She has also increased her confidence in the dance community as she is learning to be a dancer as well as learning to dance herself.

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