Acrobatic Couple Yoga Exercise – Exercises To Try

acrobatic couple yoga

However, once I saw a couple of couples doing it at a friend’s party, I knew I had to give it a try. In this brief article, I’m going to give you some brief information on what acrobatic couple yoga consists of, and how it can help you get in shape.

First of all, let me introduce you to acrobatic couple yoga. It is a variation of yoga that consists of a couple of people performing different yoga positions together. Usually, when you perform a couple pose, each person does their particular pose for a couple of minutes, and then they switch positions. They usually alternate back and forth, but sometimes they do both at once. This is an excellent way to burn a lot of calories while having fun at the same time.

The Basic Poses

A person jumping in the air

One of the most enjoyable things about this kind of yoga is that, if you want, you can really ramp up the excitement by adding some music and special props. Most people who do this kind of yoga start by learning the basic poses, then after mastering those, they add some music to really spice things up. Of course, you can find many music CD’s that are specially recorded just for acrobatic couple yoga exercises.

Another way to enjoy this kind of yoga is to learn from a teacher who has more experience. For example, if you’re starting out with just a few positions, and your instructor only shows you two or three of them at a time, you may not be able to keep up. If you’re with an experienced yoga teacher who teaches you all of the possible positions, you will be able to progress at a much higher rate. Remember, if you’re having trouble, you can always ask your teacher if he or she thinks it would help your situation.

Acrobatic Couple Yoga

You can also take lessons from DVD’s. Just because you’ve done yoga for years doesn’t mean that you need to stick with one style. For example, as you get more into acrobatic couple yoga, you may find that you prefer to do your standing poses in a sitting position. The best thing to do is to take a class and find out which ones you prefer before sticking with just one.

However, there are some people who might prefer to learn yoga in a way that allows them to mix and match different types of exercises. In this case, they might decide that they like yoga better when they do some standing poses, then some modifications to the standing poses, etc.

Build Up Your Stamina

If you’re interested in acrobatic couple yoga, then you need to start slow and build up your stamina. Don’t be in a hurry to try harder and more difficult moves. Know what you’re doing and how to do it, then keep going. Be patient with yourself, don’t force yourself to do more than you want to. As you get stronger, then you can push yourself a little further, but don’t push yourself too hard, or else you’ll be disappointed.

There are many ways to find yoga classes. There are several yoga studios around that you could go to for yoga classes. If you live near one of these places, it would probably be a good idea to look into it. Another option would be to find a local gym and join a class there. Usually, these gyms have different types of yoga classes available to the people who are members of the gym. One such exercise that is sometimes done in acrobatic couple yoga is to do a headstand.


Of course, there is no such thing as too much exercise. It is important to get enough exercise each day. The goal of yoga is to achieve balance and health in both your body and mind. Yoga and exercise go hand in hand. You will be amazed at just how good you feel after doing yoga for a few times.

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