Acrobatic Dance Moves – What You Might Not Know

acrobatic dance moves list

It may not be accompanied by music. This article covers the general descriptions of the dance that can be performed by one or more people and that can be seen both on video and on stage.

Moves Are Categorized Through Various Factors

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The moves are categorized according to their length, number of partners, style, effect and style. Most moves are performed with two partners but a few include one partner and one or more animals. There is also a short list of steps that do not require any partners or are exclusive to animals such as diving moves and acrobatic twists.

The first part of an acrobatic dance moves list is the name of the dance. There are several reasons why it may be listed first such as because it is the first move, because it is an important theme of a show or performance and/or because it is dramatic. The moves may also be listed alphabetically. A more common example is the first part of the La Disco Ballroom move from the Rent It Chicago program.

An acronym for this dance is LA Dance (in Spanish). It is done by two people or a group of people and involves spins, jumps, slides and acrobatic twists. The moves also incorporate turns, dodges, leaps and rolls. The theme of the dance is about breaking free from the bonds of gravity and being able to float away. The idea is to be able to let go of the weight of your body and be free to feel the energy of the air.

How The Dance Is Performed.

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The second part is that of how the dance is performed. For example, the spin can be performed by one person or by several people depending on the acrobatic style. There is also a very specific acrobatic style, which is called the free-style which is used in this dance. In this form, the dancer uses almost all of his/her muscles in the acrobatic sequence.

One of the most popular moves is the somersault. It is done by lifting the ankles and bringing them toward the waist in a stretched position. The other part of the somersault is when the feet are spread apart and both are turned toward the floor with knees bent while keeping the body’s center line with the floor. In the somersault you can lift one foot and bring it toward the other while in the twist you have to turn the opposite way. The whole body turns and rotates as one unit.

Another Move Is The Series Jumps.

This is done by jumping backward while keeping legs in the air. It also involves turning the upper body to face the opposite direction while in the jump the arms and legs are extended in the backward position. You have to keep your legs straight while jumping. In addition, you also have to be careful not to fall off during the jump.


You don’t have to be afraid of hurting yourself. Many people get good at it through trial and error. And there is no right way or wrong way to do it. So enjoy practicing and have fun. This is not only an art form but also a great way to show off your personality.

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