Acrobatic Meaning

Acrobatic Meaning

Acrobatic meaning is ” walking on toes” It comes from the time when tightrope dancing was the main area of acrobatic action.

In principle, acrobatics encompasses all bodily activities apart from everyday movements. Moreover, they are roughly subdivided, acrobatics is divided into two parts.

Acrobatic Meaning: What Is Acrobatics?

Acrobatic Meaning: What Is Acrobatics?

Position Acrobatic Meaning &Amp; Human Pyramids

This section includes the partner acrobatics as well as group acrobatics in the sense of the common construction of human pyramids.

On the one hand, children and adolescents learn responsibility as a sub-partner who guarantees the safety of the other partner. However, the joint play with the balance, the giving up of one’s own stability for a common new center welds the acrobats together in a very special way.

Jump &Amp; Floor Acrobatic Meaning

Put simply, this is what is known from gymnastics as “floor exercises”. Many parts of ground acrobatics are a prerequisite for partner acrobatic elements. For example, you first learn the handstand on the ground, before you perform this on the thighs, shoulders or even the hands of the sub-partner. The course offerings cover both subareas, whereby the training contents & methods vary:

Sports acrobatics is a competition-oriented, highly regulated sport.

On the one hand, the training consists of typical floor-turning techniques from the series of jumping, stretching and balance elements. On the other hand, acrobatic techniques have to be mastered as a couple, a group of three or a group of four. From a given technical catalog, a freestyle indicates some form of competition. As a result, it consists of both technical and choreographic elements to music.

There Are Five Possible Disciplines:

Women Couples

Mr. couples

Mixed couples (lady, sir)

Women's groups (3 ladies)

Men's groups (4 men)

Sports acrobatics requires and at the same time creates trust and a sense of responsibility. The common game of balance, the synchronization of movements in freestyle and the gradual expansion of the common technology repertoire require a lot of endurance from the athletes.

As a sub-partner, it is important to present a stable basis for the top partner. The sub-partner ensures the safety of the superiors while they put their trust in the base. Only by the willingness to work steadily together, difficult elements can succeed in the long term.

In the show, acrobatics tends to work more in the large group. First in pairs, then in trios and finally in ever-larger units pyramids and pace elements have building.

The training is much more open than the sports acrobatics and allows more initiative than this. The overall structure is also much more playful and less performance-oriented.

Acrobatic Meaning: What Is Acrobatics?

Acrobatic Meaning: What Is Acrobatics?

Leisure Acrobatic Meaning

It emphasizes the fun character of the acrobatic game. Here I will primarily include inputs from children and adolescents in the training process. Through a variety of games, it should be possible for the widest possible audience to dedicate themselves to acrobatics.

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