Acrobatic Yoga Book That You Must Try

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Acroyoga is basically a physical practice. It combines yoga and acrobatics. Many types of acro yoga include a partner for lifting and stuff, and it is not necessary that the partner should be of the opposite sex. Acro yoga can be more difficult as well as vigorous because it leads to more injuries. There are many reasons why couples prefer doing acro-yoga over any other type of yoga. Among the many reasons, the favorite one is it helps in building a good relationship with your partner. 

You can also overcome the fear of falling, and it teaches you to make quick decisions. If you think that your partner is becoming distant, try to make him do acro yoga with you. It brings one to surrender their thoughts and feelings. 

Now, due to the pandemic situation, all of the acro – yoga classes are closed. But, you don’t have to worry. We have brought you an amazing idea. You can buy an acrobatic yoga book online to practice it. One-time investment, and you will have a proper guide to acro yoga.

Let’s check what is the best acrobatic yoga book to buy online! 

5 Best Acrobatic Yoga Book That You Can Buy Online At Affordable Prices 

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Move- Connect- Play- The Art And Science Of Acro Yoga 

In this book, you will get a detailed description of the core principles of acro yoga. The author had told the ten areas of training in life that everybody should work on. This book is also recommended for people who seek spirituality.

The language used in this book is English.

The Acro Yoga Guide- For Beginners 

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Beginners seek more knowledge than anyone. So, for a beginner at acro yoga, this book is all you need. You can buy it online. The book provides a basic guide to acro yoga very clearly and in simple words. It is a warning that you might get addicted to this book!

Elements Of Acro Yoga- Partner Practices For A Lifetime 

This acro yoga book can be used by professionals as well as beginners. The visual color representation helps you to coordinate with the book more. It gives a detailed explanation of acrobatic yoga, the pros, cons, and all necessary things. 

These were the three best online selling acrobatics yoga books. All of them are quite affordable. The language used in these books is English to make understanding the concept easier.


Acro yoga is one of the best to have an intense yoga workout with your partner. This will not only help you to trust each other but will also increase the bond between you two. For those, who are not able to go to any acrobatic class, you can buy an acrobatic yoga book online. The book will teach you everything you need.

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