Acrobatic Yoga

Acrobatic Yoga: Stages And Benefits

Acrobatic yoga is a new discipline that integrates elements of traditional yoga, the acrobatics of artistic gymnastics and Thai massage. Acrobatic yoga is an activity that has important benefits both physically and mentally. These are group sessions that do not require previous experience or have a certain age. “It is aimed primarily at all those people who want to develop their strength and improve self-confidence, deepen the path of self-knowledge, self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.

Acrobatic Yoga: Stages And Benefits

Acrobatic Yoga: Stages And Benefits

What Does It Consist Of

An acrobatic yoga session consists of different stages. Its duration is usually a maximum of an hour and a half and its phases are:

Warming Based On Acrobatic Yoga Sequences (Vinyasas):

It is about starting with a fluid sequence of yoga movements. “It is not a static yoga but dynamic where the postures are fluid,” says Berenguel.

More Specific Warming Based On Artistic Gymnastics:

It is a general conditioning work that includes a work of strength of the abdomen, arms and balance both individually and in pairs. As Nacho explains, “this phase is mainly aimed at developing the force that we will later need to do the acrobatic series.”

Acrobatic Yoga Flight:

Next, work is done in pairs or in the form of a pyramid based on balance, coordination, and strength. At this stage, there are three fundamental roles: the person who acts as a base, the flyer or flyer, and the support. “The person who acts as a base lies on the floor on his back,” Berenguel adds, “and on his feet, he flies the flyer that is adopting different postures based on yoga and that moves in a very coordinated way depending on what that the base indicates him or his movements ”. The figure of the support takes care of the flyer to avoid that in a moment of imbalance it can fall to the ground.

Therapeutic Flight:

The person who is on a flyer adopts a totally relax attitude. It allows for moving around the base that with different feet and hands. So, it exerts different pressures on the back, spine, etc. to unlock tension points. As Nacho details, “what is sought is to mobilize the body, stretch it and elongate joints.”

Relaxation Through Thai Massage:

The base exerts different pressures and stretches assisted to the flyer that is currently lying on the floor, adopting different positions.

In an acrobatic yoga class, not everyone usually does the same exercise. Depending on the evolution of the student and how he assimilates and progresses in the technique and, above all, improves his coordination and balance, the complexity is greater or lesser.

Benefits Of Acrobatic Yoga

As the Ego Sports Center body-mind activities coordinator explains, acrobatic yoga offers great benefits not only physically but also mentally and psychologically.

On A Physical Level:

  • Strength development of both the upper and lower train.
  • Remarkable improvement of flexibility.
  • Greater coordination.

The Psychological And Mental Level:

Acrobatic Yoga: Stages And Benefits

Acrobatic Yoga: Stages And Benefits

  • Develop trust in others and in oneself.
  • Rediscovery of our minds through our bodies. Mental patterns have broken the limitations of the body.
  • Promotes group and couple cohesion and improves interpersonal relationships.
  • Develop empathy.
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