4 Effective Acrobatic Yoga Poses For A Healthy Body

acrobatic yoga

Acro yoga is a partner-based yoga pose that is a unique combination of acrobatics and yoga. These ensure a healthy body and overall fitness. You perform these poses using gravity and your body weight to strengthen and stretch. This pose requires you to trust your partner as they will be supporting you during a pose. It encourages partnerships and working together. Acrobatic yoga poses involve three main roles, base, flyer, and spotter. The base is when you lie on the ground with your back touching the floor completely. The flyer is the person who lifts off the ground being supported by the base person. The spotter is one who observes that the base and flyer are in the right position. Here are the top 4 acrobatic yoga poses you can try for a healthy body.

acrobatic yoga poses
Acrobatic Yoga Poses

Acrobatic Yoga Poses

Front Bird Pose 

The base should lie down on the ground with his back facing the floor. Keep the legs parallel to one another and bend your knees such that you can place your soles on the ground. The flyer should stand near the bases’ feet and the base should his feet and place them on the flyer’s hips. Next, the base needs to hold the flyer’s arms by his elbows and then straighten his legs up in the air, while also lifting the flyer. At this stage, the flyer should balance his body while keeping the toes pointing out. Next, release the support from the base and take the arms in a flying position.

Star Pose

In this pose, the base should lie down flat on the ground. The flyer should stand at the head of the base person and hold his hands. Then, the base should lift his legs from the floor such that the soles of his feet face the sky. The flyer should then bend forward and place his shoulders on the base’s feet. The flyer should next lift the hips and feet off the ground.

Throne Pose

In this pose, the base lies on the ground on his back. The knees should be bent and the soles should face upwards towards the ceiling. Keeping a shoulder-width distance between the feet. Next, the flyer stands in front of the base’s feet. Next, place the soles of the base on the upper thighs of the flyer and press the length of the foot upwards. The tips of the toes should touch the lower rib cage of the flyer. The base holds the hands of the flyer and straightens his knees, while also lifting the flyer off the ground. At this stage, the spotter should make the flyer bend the knees and wrap them around the base’s legs. The flyer should lift his torso and let go of the base’s hands. The flyer should also wrap his feet around the base’s calf muscles.

acrobatic yoga asanas
Acrobatic yoga asanas

Back Bird Pose

To perform this acrobatic yoga pose, the base should begin with the Staff pose position. The flyer should face his back to the back of the legs of the base. Then, the base should bend his knees such that the buttocks of the flyer remain on the soles of his feet. The flyer should next stretch his arms backwards with the palms facing outwards and reaching out to base’s hands. The flyer should also bend backward and the base should straighten the legs, lifting the flyer. Next, the flyer is required to straighten the left leg and bend the right leg. Next, he should stretch backwards in a semi backbend form and release the base’s hands so that the flyer can spread his arms in the air.

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