Acroyoga Basics – Is This The Right Yoga Class For You

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The “AcroYoga basics” program is now teaching again on September 21st at the energy centre in Oerlikon, Australia. The first class will be teaching an introductory course for people wanting to start or return to the practice of art yoga. No longer are training providers requiring participants to attend classes only outdoors. This has been a trend that has continued over the last few years.

Focuses On Breath Awareness And Mindful Power

The term “acro yoga” pertains to a newer, “flow” form of yoga that focuses on breath awareness and mindful power flow throughout the poses. The first class will focus on the breathing and awareness basics, such as “right sitting posture,” and teaching proper alignment of the spine and pelvis for optimal benefit from the poses. Part of the benefits from these yoga fundamentals are improving our bodies’ overall health, as well as reducing stress and tension within the body. By improving our core strength, we can alleviate tension in other parts of our bodies. As well, some of the acroyoga basics will help individuals increase flexibility and range of motion. These and other benefits will allow individuals to become more mobile and active.

The second part of the AcroYoga basics series will be a short, intense, and powerful warm up and stretching session, and this will also serve as a great introduction to all of the different poses. This will put all the new students on the same page and familiarize them with the overall structure and feel of the program. Some of the positions used in this pose session will include; the warrior pose, the supported bridge, triangle pose, back pose, mountain pose, and many others. All of the sequences and positions used in the warm up and stretch session will be taught along with poses used during the actual class.

Find A Yoga Teacher That Is Experienced Enough To Teach You Everything

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As a beginner in the world of acropora, the first thing you should do is find a yoga teacher that is experienced enough to teach you everything you need to know. This will ensure that you do not encounter any form of discomfort throughout your practice time. There are many types of teachers in each area and finding one that fits your needs and expectations should not be a problem. Most schools will have a website where you will be able to review information and meet with a teacher to discuss the beginner experience. Many beginner classes can be scheduled for a 30 minute session so that students are not overburdened with the information and are given ample time to get to know the routines.

The next part of the series is the intermediate level and consists of teaching you the various combinations of the fundamental poses. These poses are used in conjunction with the ones that are already known, to create new and exciting variations. The intermediate level is the most advanced level of learning and can be considered the pinnacle of acropora. This is the place where you will learn how to master the basic skills of acroyoga such as balance, safety, and body awareness. Mastering the intermediate level will take you through many fun and powerful experiences including positions that stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body.

The Advanced Stage Of Acropora In Acroyoga Basics

The final part of the series is the advanced stage of acropora, and is the most challenging part of the entire process. You will spend much of your time in a heated room while you master the basic skills of yoga practice, and gain knowledge of the deeper meanings of the different positions and movements. This final part of the series is not for the faint of heart and will be physically demanding on your body. If you feel you cannot handle the physical demands of this series, or if you simply would like to advance your yoga practice, you may want to consider taking a few yoga lessons before you attempt the advanced acroyoga poses.

There are a few tips that I can give you before you begin your journey in learning the intermediate level of acropora. First, if you are not sure you are ready for the advanced poses, you should probably start with the foundational skill sets required for any exercise program. These skill sets will help you become more confident in your ability to safely perform the intermediate class. Some of the foundational skill sets required for acroyoga are: basic alignment, strength, flexibility, posture, and breathing. Once you have mastered these foundational skill sets, you are ready for the intermediate level. The key to remember here is that while each of these skills is challenging, they are not too difficult to master after a few practice sessions.


I feel that the first lesson in the series, the basics, is meant to be the beginner friendly experience. That is why the lessons in this series are designed to be easy to follow and understand. The intermediate level of acroyoga requires increased skill set and greater physical challenge. If you have some level of fitness and strength already, then you can probably focus on the strength skill set. If you have never experienced acroyoga before, I recommend that you begin with the beginner friendly yoga poses before moving onto the harder poses.

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