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chinese acrobatic arts

The Acrobatics history of China is very long, performed by the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – A.D. 24). This long history of Chinese Acrobatics works as the foundation pillar for today’s acrobatic performances shown to us by China. The primary props used in the acts are as simple as plates, bowls, jars, vases, tables, chairs, benches, and ladders used by the skillful artist to perform wonders by showing their hard work, wisdom, fearlessness, and the lively Chinese crowd. In old China, acrobatics, commonly known as roaming entertainment, one that has no permanent stage. These people wander around the whole of China to sell their perfect art. Unfortunately, some talented people cannot earn through their talent and do manual work to support their day-to-day needs. But, that was the history, once the Republic of China started funding the art, the acrobatics earned its value, and that was the end of their nomadic life. 

Types of Acrobatics 

Acrobatic Arts

1. Handstands on Stacked Chairs 

2. Lion Dance 

3. Plate spinning 

4. Jumping through Hoops on the Ground 

Handstands On Stacked Chairs

Acrobatic Arts

When you hear the word “chair”, what is the first thing that comes in your mind? A simple piece of furniture used to sit and have dinner, or rest right? These skilled, talented acrobats can use the same chairs to make your jaw drop. The act has two steps – First, a single acrobat performs some unbelievable stunts on the stack of the chair, and then the group comes in. They perform various actions on the pile of chairs, two stacks of chairs of three chairs atilt. 

Lion Dance 

Some performances, know as “Imitation Performances,” are performances that imitate the movement of animals. One of the most famous Imitation Performances is the Lion Dance. Lion Dance is described in the Dances of The Western Regions, a poem was written by Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The Lion Dance is an act to display the bravery, liveliness, and playful character of the animals, and this act is worthy of watching repeatedly. 

Plate Spinning  

One of the most beautiful acrobatic acts starts with the rising curtains and gorgeous girls spinning plates on long sticks. Not just regular spinning, but in recent years the overly talented acrobats have some fantastic stunts and took this acrobatic to another level. For instance, in doing the “backflip in mid-air,” an acrobat, holding sticks with spinning plates on top in both hands, makes a quick backflip from the table to the ground. 

Jumping through Hoops on the Ground 

As the name suggests, in this acrobatic act, the acrobats jump through four or more wooden hoops stacked over one another. The essential features of this act are jumping through with both hands holding a leg, two acrobats jumping vis-à-vis through two hoops, and diving. The acrobats have started including summersault with the jump—the feats of jumping through with a forward somersault or a backflip in the air.


Chinese acrobatic arts are really difficult types of acrobatic arts that require a lot of practice and time to master. Thus, we recommend you watch these arts if you get the chance.

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