An Ultimate Guide To Acrobatic Training And Movements For Beginners

acrobatic training

Acrobatics art, also referred to as acro by professional dancers has gained huge popularity in the last few years. The dance shows and circus events have contributed a lot to its popularity.

This art is way more different than gymnastics. It is performed on hard surfaces, differing from gymnastics which is performed on mats with springs. It is an amazing fusion of athletics and classical dance. 

Acro form has come from traditional Chinese dance. It needs high body strength, technique, and flexibility to perform. It is no less difficult for the masters than the beginners. Many acrobatic training centers have come forward to promote technique in acrobatic dance. If you are a beginner always make sure to stay low to the ground and that you don’t push your body more than its limit.

3 Incredible Movements For Beginners Acrobatic Training

A person jumping up in the air

Low Cartwheel

If you are a beginner for acrobatics training then you must start with low-level techniques and stunts. A low cartwheel is considered to be great for beginners. For this, you first have to start with a squat. Then you have to keep your hands on the floor one at a time. Then put all your body weight on your hands with shoulders straight above the hands but keep all low. Land on your feet one after the other traveling as an arch. After practicing this for Few days you need to level it up and take your feet straight up.

Butterfly Kick

Butterfly kick is quite easy and just requires a smooth and coordinated body. Being a beginner, you have to lower your body then gently and smoothly swing your arms from left to right or right to left while jumping off from one foot to another. After practicing this for some days, you can level up yourself. For a perfect butterfly kick, you have to bend more, then push your one foot on the floor and make an arc land that feet on the other side. 


This is the basic form you should start within acrobatic training. Again you have to start in a squat. Make sure you do exercise regularly and have a flexible and strong body. After being in a squat position you have to place one hand behind the foot of the same side. Then jump your feet around that sideloading your weight on your hand. Now progress to full macaco movement by adding up some more height and smoothness. So you have to Place one hand behind your foot, bending your body, then Swing yourself smoothly, placing another hand also, and then land on the same side foot.


It takes a lot of hard work, flexibility, and acrobatic training to learn acrobatic art. So, begin with the above-given movements to kickstart your journey.

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