Basic Acrobatic Yoga That Will Benefit Your Body In The Right Way

basic acrobatic yoga

Have you seen people practicing basic acrobatic yoga at the park? Haven’t you got curious to know more about it? In acrobatic yoga, two or more people make impressive figures with their bodies. This acrobatic yoga brings harmony, flexibility, stability, and trust. This article will help you in understanding the basic acrobatic yoga in depth. In this article, how a beginner can start acrobatic yoga is explained.

Basic Acrobatic Yoga

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There are many styles of basic acrobatic yoga. For practicing any style of acrobatic yoga, you must know its basic terminology.

There are two primary roles. One is a base, and the other is a flyer. At times, a spotter is also recommended.

The base is firmly in contact with the ground, usually with the entire back. As a base, you may take a tremendous amount of muscle strength to raise someone else while keeping your legs and hands perpendicular, but you will not be in much pain after practicing the technique. Because of the bone-stacked technique, the flyer’s weight is transferred into the floor by the bones.

The flyer flies in the air making dynamic and static postures. The flyer compels a strong core and balance. The flyer keeps communicating with the base verbally unless both bodies can discover each other without words.

The spotter will help both the base and flyer with the right poses and when in danger.

How To Perform Acrobatic Yoga

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For performing acrobatic yoga, you must consider the following things:

1. Choose a spotter you trust

Having a spotter is very important while practicing AcroYoga. A spotter can help you out with correct alignment and postures of the base and flyer.

2. Warm-up

As all the other exercises must start with a warm-up, AcroYoga should also start by doing a warm-up. Stretching your body before performing yoga can prevent any health issue and injury.

Why Practice Acrobatic Yoga?

1. Overcoming fear of falling

Basic acrobatic yoga helps you to overcome the fear of falling. Acrobatic yoga educates you about how to oppose gravity via conscious deceleration.

2. Enhances concentration and trust

Acrobatic yoga is all about trust and concentration. Without these aspects, performing basic acrobatic yoga is very easy.

3. Mood booster

Acrobatic yoga can boost mood by releasing natural endorphins and adrenaline. Practicing this is a lot of fun.


Basic acrobatic yoga concentrates on health, trust, and partnership. It can also be called AcroYoga. Acrobatic yoga also combines therapeutic practices. Acrobatic yoga has numerous benefits. From refreshing moods to making understandings, AcroYoga is best for everything. Practicing this will indeed establish trust between you and your partner. We must practice this smartly. It would help if you always started with primary and then try complicated postures. Some people might find it boring to do the yoga poses that is usually slow and bring the calmness around but it doesn’t have to be the same way with acrobatic yoga. It is also easy to learn and fun to follow.

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