Best Yoga Poses 2 People For Beginners

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Looking for yoga poses for two people? Yoga is a unique form of exercise, and it will be more fun when you do it with your partner. It does not only help stretch and lengthen your muscles, but it also helps you to relax and find your inner peace. Couples yoga is a great way to boost communication, build trust and have fun. In this article, we will incorporate some yoga poses 2 people from beginner level to advanced one.

1. Partner Forward Fold

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Partner forward fold is one of the two-person yoga poses. To perform this yoga pose, sit opposite your partner with both of your legs spread apart and aligned in front of you. Place your feet against your partners and take hold of the forearms of each other. One of you then gently joins forward from the hams while the other tends you gently towards them. Next, slowly come back up and swap over, with the 2nd person this time-bending forwards and the first person pulling them gently towards you.

2. Twin Trees – Best Yoga Poses 2 People

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Stand close to each other with your feet shoulder to shoulder around hip-width apart. Then, gently lift your other leg, flex at the knee, and put your foot upon both sides of your lower leg. Suppose you are comfy with the balance against the inside of your thigh. Evade placing your heel against your knee, as this will put unnecessary pressure on the joint.

3. Chair Pose

With your partner, stand back to back with the feet hip-width apart and then gently walk out your feet and tend into your partner’s back for comfort. Then you can combine your arms for stability if you feel comfortable doing so. The following process needs communication to ensure that you are on terms with each other. Gradually, sit down into a chair pose. Then you may need to improve your feet more so you can achieve the chair pose. Hold this pose for a breath, then slowly come back up and walk your feet in.

4. Double Downward Dog

Partner 1 begins in the downward dog pose. Partner 2 then faces the same direction, places their hands in front of Partner 1’s, slowly lifts their legs, and places their feet against the lower back of Partner 1. You can enter this pose by stepping your feet onto your partner’s back from the side, or by starting a short distance in front of your partner in down dog, stepping your feet onto the lower back of your partner, and then walking your hands in while straightening your legs to create the down dog shape.

5. Buddy Boat

Sit opposite your partner, with about a half-nance distance between both partners. Stand on the outside of your legs and hold the hands of your partner. Bend your knees and begin to put the soles of your feet together. Strive to find stability with your partner on both of your sit bones rather than resting on your pelvis. Then both partners gently unfold their legs to form the boat pose. Look upwards, draw your lower backs in and engage your core for the correct posture.

Final Thoughts

Solo yoga is perfect for that typical yoga feel, but if you want to add variety to your yoga exercise, yoga poses 2 people is best. It also helps to boost communication, build trust and have fun with your partner.

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