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Duo Acrobatic Art Way

Duo Acrobatic Arts is a non profit organization that provides a free class that enables anyone of any age to learn to perform free stunts and acrobatics. It was created by Joseph J. Clements and Thomas W. Gartman. The Duo Arts class uses props and techniques which can be downloaded from their website and used with little or no experience. This is the type of class you have been looking for.

Most of the students have no prior experience but they all have a love for performing arts. They are ready to jump in and start learning how to do their favorite stunts and acrobatics. Classes are taught on a one-on-one basis by Joseph J.Clements, who also acts as a teacher.

Joe offers lessons on all levels of abilities. He teaches the class first before moving on to other subjects.

Learn The Techniques

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There are many DVDs that Joe offers you in order to learn the techniques. They are available for purchase so that you can have them on hand whenever you feel like it. They are very easy to learn.

The DVDs come in two different formats, the first is the regular video format and the second is the DVD format with the music tracks on it. The regular video is available for sale for a reasonable price and the DVD version is available at a much higher price.

The DVDs are very inexpensive and the instructions given are easy to understand and will get you through the basic steps that Joe has provided. The DVDs offer many step-by-step instructions and videos that show you the proper positions to hold when performing different stunts.

Videos Demonstrating The Tricks

There are also a few videos of Joe demonstrating the tricks he teaches. These videos are great because they allow you to see him performing the trick before you try it.

Duo Arts does offer many more tricks that Joseph J.Clements teaches so you should not run out of tricks to learn. You will be able to master the basics in only a few months if you stick with it.

Duo Arts also offers some private lessons for the students. If you want to learn more advanced moves or want to become a better dancer, you can take part in these private lessons. They are very beneficial to you because they allow you to improve your own dancing skills at the same time.

Great Videos To Watch

Duo Arts also gives you some great videos to watch. You can learn how to perform different acrobatic moves from Joe, the choreographers and the other students.

Joe provides DVD’s that teach you how to do a lot of the moves that he teaches you in class. You will have the benefit of watching Joe at work.

You can also learn a lot of other tips and techniques that you can use in your own home or even at work. There is a DVD that gives you step by step instructions on how to use some of the equipment that Duo Arts sells.

Duo Arts offers DVDs that teach you the ropes on how to use the different equipment. and there is a DVD that shows you how to perform tricks with the different equipment Joe uses. These DVDs also provide you with step by step instructional videos that show you the correct way to use the equipment.

Joe also has books available on his website that are full of videos and instructions that you can take on your own. The book is very useful if you are a beginner because you can learn from Joe’s videos without having to worry about any of his other students. You can learn the basic moves right from Joe himself.

He has a website that is full of information on the tricks and the classes that you can attend. There is a website that you can buy tickets to if you are interested in Duo Arts and there is a blog where Joe updates his articles from time to time.

Wrapping Up

Duo Arts also gives you a chance to interact with Joe. You can email him and tell him how you are doing in class or you can just chat online. You can even send him messages about any of the problems you may have with your dance.

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