Top 3 Types Of Acrobatic Arts Clothing

acrobatic arts clothing

Acrobatic is a unique form of arts that blend dance with gymnastics on the beat of music to give you a stunning performance. It was conceptualised in North America in the early 1900s and is loved by people even today. It is a very challenging form of arts that require a lot of physical stamina and will power from the Acrobats. Learning acrobatic arts helps in increasing your tumbling, limbering, balancing, strength and flexibility. In one dance set you will be doing gymnastics, yoga, pilates and all of that together form a dance. There are specific kinds of clothing that acrobats need to wear.

Acrobatic Arts Clothing: The Eden Top

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To level up your acrobatics clothing, you can choose this sexy Eden top that comes with a mesh layer all over. The three fourth mesh sleeves hide a padded underwire bra with cleavage. It helps in providing support as you go about performing your art. Made from a fine quality material this top is easy fit and provides plenty of space to move about freely in it. The shiny black color enhances your sense of being and represents you well on the stage. So what are you waiting for, grab this top for your upcoming show and let the lights fall on you.

Acrobatic Arts Clothing: Halter Neck Top

Complete your acrobatic wardrobe by getting this gorgeous halter neck top that is almost irresistible. Sewn from a premium quality material, the top has a see through fabric that is breathable and absorbs sweat as you go about doing your acrobatic movements. The main USP of this top is that it is great for bigger busts and making you look beautiful. This halter neck is easy to wear and provides complete freedom to your arms and shoulders without restricting you in any way.

Acrobatic Arts Clothing: Classic V Neck

acrobatic clothes

If you have ever watched a movie that refers to the acrobatic arts, you definitely must have seen the thick crop top the female participants wear. Made from a fine quality material, the low cut V neck shape looks fabulous and gives a sharper edge to the crop top. It has silver eyelets that lace up the neckline giving you the look of a hard core performer on and off the stage. The back side has a mesh layer that adds to the gorgeousness of the top. Make sure you get this top in your wardrobe and complete it.


In summation, it is essential to keep in mind that acrobatic arts demand great flexibility and mobility throughout. To aid this, add stretchable tops to your collection and ensure clothing should not endure your performance. The current syllabus of this form of art contains three hundred and fifty skills with twelve levels.

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