Exciting Facts About Acro Dance Costume

acro dance costume

There are hundreds of dance forms that people learn and practice. Dance is not only a hobby but also a profession for many. A source of entertainment, and a very good exercise for the body. One such form of dance is the Acro dance form. This is one of the best dance forms to lose weight.

What is Acro Dance?

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An Acro dance is a combination of classical dance and acrobatic elements in a very graceful manner. This form is known for its athletic character, its choreography, and the blend of dance and acrobatic elements. This is famous for its elements of acrobats which are used in dance to present them differently. This dance style is very challenging to do as it requires both acrobatic and dance skill.

Acro Dance Costume

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The costume which is worn during an Acro dance is very unique and different from other dances. As it is a combination of dance and acrobatics the costume worn includes athletic shorts, fitting leggings, hair pulled out of the face on the head or back in a bun, braid, or French braid, footless tights, and no use of flowy or frilly clothing is appreciated.

The attire should be well fitted and not loose. As this dance form requires many acrobatic moves the material should be used accordingly so that they are comfortable to carry and wear.

Some Tips that can be Useful

Though there are many options available for the costume one could use for Acro dance there are a few tips which one should consider.

  • If wearing a dress, always wear shorts because there are a lot of upside-down moves which you’ll be doing as a part of the choreography.
  • Sometimes the zippers and hook can be trouble while doing floor work, always be sure of them and take actions accordingly.
  • If you are afraid that the costume may not remain in place you can always go for alterations.
  • Choose a dress that compliments your dance and body.
  • Avoid wearing loose, or flared outfits. While yoga pants are not recommended.

These tips will be useful for all those who are Acro dancers and are deciding on what to wear for the performance. The outfit should always be in your comfort zone so that you are not awkward and give the best performance.


Every dance form has its specifics which require special costumes to be worn. The same is true with the Acro dance for, being a combination of dance, and acrobats the costumes should be worn accordingly and not as per one’s wish.

Finally, we can conclude by saying that a costume adds more impact to your performance, hence one should always be careful of what to wear, and when to wear.

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