Gymnastics – A Magical Movement Of Body

Gymnastics – A Magical Movement Of Body

In the 21st century what we like to see, a wonderful body performance which rally just enchants us by its shiny nature. Yes, this is none of other Gymnastics, the greatest body movement performance in today’s athletic world. Gymnastics requires exclusively balance, strength, flexibility and swiftness, coordination and toleration. This involved the movements of arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest and abdomen. It also requires alertness, daring, self-confidence and discipline, and mental ability. Gymnastic also derived from ancient Greek culture generally was used in circus activities. Gymnastic also comprises floor, vault, bars and beam. For women and for men it requires a floor, vaults, rings, parallel bars, and horizontal bars. Gymnastic also includes tumbling, aerobatics, and rhythmic gymnastic. The young and dynamic children are coming to learn gymnastics and become an expert gymnasiums every year from various reputed institutes.


Various Aspects Of Gymnastics

Gymnastics invented various types of Gymnastics with its pleasure movements and styles creating lots of entertainment packages in every event.

Artistic Gymnastics

In Artistic Gymnastic performer form a complete geometric shape or makes an artistic diagram by performing his body balancing movement. It requires a vault, bars, parallel bars, rings, balance beams, floors, scoring.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastic is a combination of ballistic and gymnastics. It requires a ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs, rope, etc. which makes an enchantable performance exhibition.


In tumbling the performer twist and flip-down on the tumbling track. The tumbling techniques also are shown in Olympic and other contests. It requires a 25-meter track with a 10 meters run-up. It comprises the necessary skills like roundoff, end skills, flick, whip, somersault, transition skills.

Acrobatic Gymnastic

Acrobatic gymnastics comprises with acrobatic sports, and simply sports. However, it is a group gymnastic activity that requires a high-level discipline culture. Moreover, these mainly occur in women’s pair, Men’s pair, mixed pair, women’s group, and Men’s group.

Aerobic Gymnastic


Aerobatic gymnastics are basically a balanced skill of performance occurred in individual or group activity. So, it requires a high-level fitness and discipline. Additionally, it may also require a 7X7 meter floor and 15-17 trios and mix pairs respectively.

Today sports and entertainment reached such level that gymnastic made its extravagant creativity and entertains millions of people every day. The wonder is happening and we are enjoying the wonder, the craze is changing, techniques are changing and Gymnastic is still shiny with its incredibility.

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