Gymnastics And Acrobatic Dance

acrobatic dance gymnastics

Gymnastics and acrobatic dance go together perfectly for the purpose of cheerleading. Both these sport activities are quite similar in their own ways. The only difference between them is the use of gymnastic moves or acrobatic moves for the purpose of cheerleading. This is one reason why there are lots of gymnasts and a few acrobats who excel in both of these sports.

Gymnastics And Cheerleading Goes Hand In Hand

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Gymnastics and cheerleading go hand in hand because the gymnast has to face an obstacle and needs to jump, run, balance and so on in order to reach the end of the course without slipping or falling. In the case of gymnastics, there is a lot of physical and mental stress which must be taken into consideration while performing various acrobatic stunts. Cheerleading on the other hand is all about fun. Thus, cheerleaders have to think of new and creative ways of performing the cheers.

There are many ways to perform gymnastics stunts acrobatic and these include body slides, acrobatic twists, push ups, pole dancing and much more. Most of these stunts need great skills and flawless timing for the performance. Thus, for this purpose, the cheerleaders must have great suppleness, agility, suppleness, flexibility and the knowledge of advanced dancing postures and many other important dance skills. These dance skills are developed through rigorous practice under the guidance of qualified instructors. They can either join any gymnasium or take lessons from a yoga instructor.

Gymnasts Are Required To Be Physically And Mentally Strong

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Cheerleading requires gymnasts to be not only physically strong but also mentally strong. This is one reason why most of the gymnasts do not practice for long hours, but rather they prefer to perform a small number of stunt at a time. Thus, it is essential to choose the best dance costumes for cheerleading. The cheerleading outfits include cheerleading skirts, cheerleading shorts, cheerleading tanks, cheerleading t-shirts and cheerleading shoes.

Another reason for gymnasts to opt for these exciting and acrobatic gymnastics is that these help them in gaining better physical coordination, suppleness, flexibility and endurance. When they perform stunts like pole dancing, cheerleading and other aerial gymnastics, their lungs, legs and arms will suffer no damage. Moreover, they will also be able to perform high jumps effortlessly. As they learn various gymnastics stunts, their stamina will increase. Thus, they will be able to do multiple tasks at once. They will be able to run, throw and catch, and do many other activities with ease.

Why Gymnasts Love To Perform Acrobatic Dance

There are numerous reasons why gymnasts love to perform acrobatic dance. For one, it helps them exude an air of invincibility, which is a characteristic of all professional wrestlers and boxers. Most sports lovers love to watch this dance because it is exhilarating and entertaining. This type of dance not only increases strength, coordination and stamina of the body, but also instills confidence and self-respect in the gymnast. A perfect example of the latter is seen in the stunts acrobatic dance. This type of dance makes the gymnast look powerful, since the presence of hands, legs and body weight gives her a hard-core feel.

Summing Up

To make sure that you learn the right moves for acrobatic dance, you need to get expert coaching from a gymnastics coach. For those who want to take the sport further, then they should also undergo an intensive training with the help of an acrobatic master. With acrobatic as a main entrant in their routines, gymnasts improve their skills and sense of balance drastically. Hence, it is no wonder why they are always looking out for new tricks and moves to add to their repertoire. However, for a beginner, it is advisable that one begin with slow and easy movements until they feel confident enough to put up some flashy moves.

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