Here Is Something You Did Not Know About Amazing Acrobatic Dance

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Dances are one of the best mechanisms to exercise all the body’s muscles; this discipline allows the body to be in shape and an excellent physical condition that helps us maintain good health. And when it’s combined with some brilliant acrobatic moves, it has incredible benefits.

So, What Exactly Acrobatic Dance Is?

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This latest invention combines two key elements: dance and acrobatics. It blends the versatility of a contortionist with the grace of a performer by combining rhythm, technique, and the art of dance with the process and accuracy of acrobatics. Acrobatic dance may be done solo, in a pair, or a group, and to any music. Acrobatic dance is split into acrobatic dance on the floor with figures in the air and acrobatic dance on silk, making for more excellent force management than traditional dance moves.

How Is Training Done?

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Training for acrobatics consists of balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and discipline. If to these characteristics we add elements of dance such as jazz, modern dance, and ballet, then we obtain acrobatic dance.

Dancing Technique

Ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary dance forms are also used to create acro dance moves. These dance styles are not needed for acrobatic dance steps. However, the absence of these styles would usually mark a dance as anything other than acrobatic (e.g., breakdance ).

Elements In Acrobatics

Tricks are the acrobatic gestures and balancing actions done in an acrobatic dance. In acrobatic dance, a series of tricks are typically performed, ranging in difficulty and the abilities needed to execute them. Apart from the apparent necessity that dancers have the requisite expertise to execute tricks, the kinds of tricks that may be done in an acro dance are determined by the number of dancers involved. Independent dancers may do solo tricks in solo or group dances.

Double Tricks 

Only one pair of dancers will do double tricks, also referred to as team tricks. The pitch tuck is an example of this, in which a dancer builds a “saddle” with his paws. The second dancer climbs onto the throne and is then pushed up by the first dancer. After one whole spin in midair, the second performer, who is pushed upward by a backward rotation, falls on her bottom. In addition to single and double tricks, acro partners will occasionally execute raises and adages.

How Are Acro Dances Performed?

Acro dances are usually performed on rough stages with a lot of different textures. These floors are not the same as a gymnastics floor, which is made by putting a standard surface on top of a spring and padding foam floor. Acro dancers seldom dance barefoot, often depending on footwear such as acro shoes or straps to provide the required traction and cushioning. 

Thongs For Feet 

Acro dancers may sometimes wear thongs for their feet, such as Dance Paws and FootUndeez, as per the supplier. For decorative considerations, foot straps, tentative foot covers that fit over and shield only the foot’s heel are often preferred to acrobatic shoes. Flesh-colored foot straps, in particular, giving the user the illusion of bare feet while maintaining some of the traction, padding, and abrasion security that acrobatic shoes offer.

In The End

It is also essential to highlight that the fabric can be two-way, first in elastic polyester-lycra or, failing that, in knitted nylon. Regarding parameters such as width, it will depend on the routine and the acrobat on duty.

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