How to Perform Two Person Yoga Poses

two person yoga

Most people that take classes or practice an evening yoga routine usually do this on their own, though for many couples, practicing and working together can add intimacy and depth to existing relationships. In addition to practicing yoga together, there are a number of poses that couples can practice together.

Some of these include seated, standing, supine, tree pose, child’s pose, supported headstand, and fish pose. There are even some classes specially designed for two person yoga exercises, though you may also attempt to incorporate an exercise routine into your daily yoga practices regardless of whether you are practicing alone or with another partner.

Before you begin your quest to find good exercises for your relationship, make sure that you both are very comfortable with the poses that you choose. Many couples decide to try various poses one at a time before trying them in unison. If you and your partner have never practiced yoga, it is best to make sure that you have adequate knowledge about the different types of poses, and how they should be done prior to signing up. If you are unsure about which yoga style would best suit your needs, speak to your instructor for help.

Acro Yoga

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One of the most popular forms of tandem yoga is known as acro yoga. This style is based on the traditional Ashtanga technique, which consists of several gentle and deep stretching movements. Many students of this type of yoga prefer to perform their exercises in a group, though others are comfortable doing their exercises individually. There are even classes specifically designed for couples that allow each pair to do their exercises together.

A very similar type of exercise that couples yoga involves the use of props. Many individuals who prefer to practice this style of exercise prefer to use bolsters, chairs or blocks, as well as other items that allow them to stay in a comfortable position.

Because it allows one partner to assume control over the other, many pairs use chairs or blocks to help them get in a better position to perform the various poses. Most pairs also choose a quiet, secluded area, such as a park or a beach, where they can perform their exercises in relative peace. In addition, if an individual feels very uncomfortable performing certain poses in front of another individual, they may want to practice their exercises in a more private setting.

Stay Relaxed

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Some couples that choose to practice yoga together find that the act of walking through yoga is enjoyable and makes each couple more aware of their physical surroundings. Walking in this way allows the partners to slow down their actions and become more aware of the world around them. When the two people are walking, it is important to make sure that they are aware of their breaths, as it is a good way to stay relaxed.

Another way to make sure that the couples stay relaxed is to make sure that they are focusing on the sounds around them, such as the sun hitting the shore or birds singing to one another. It is also important to make sure that the couples focus their attention on the feelings in their bodies, such as the warmth that comes from being near a fire or walking through grass.

Couple Yoga Poses

While it is important for two people to be comfortable and focused during their couple yoga poses, it is equally important for them to pay attention to the fact that they are putting their entire self into the positions. One of the most common complaints about this style of exercise is that individuals often feel as though they are doing nothing, when in reality, all that is needed is some concentration and attention to the activity at hand. In addition, it is equally important for the individuals to be careful of their feet, as they must keep their heels within an inch of the surface of the floor. Doing so will help to prevent one’s feet from slipping out of position. Some individuals actually prefer to have someone help them move their feet during this process, particularly if they are unable to do it by themselves.

For individuals who are interested in trying out two person yoga poses but find that they either have difficulty performing them or simply do not feel comfortable, it may be necessary for them to seek the help of a professional instructor.

This can be done in a number of different ways. Most people are able to find a local instructor in their community by asking their neighbors, friends, or coworkers where they go yoga. In addition, many gyms will have a few yoga instructors available at all times. If there are not any yoga studios in an area, it may be necessary for someone to find a local teacher willing to teach couple yoga poses to two people at a time.

Sum Up

As the couple moves from one pose to the next, they should always take hold of each other’s hands and gently guide them in a smooth motion. They should also remember to bend their knees in a relaxed manner, similar to the way that they would when taking a breath. This helps them maintain proper alignment during the poses. After learning how to perform couple yoga positions correctly, couples can take their newly learned skills on the road to couples yoga vacations!

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