In The Hat, Ithaca Acrobatic Yoga Class Takes Flight

ithaca acrobatic yoga class

Ithaca Acrobatic Yoga Class is not so much a yoga class as it is an acrobatic class. Learned the tricks from a friend a few years ago and wanted to share the knowledge with others by instructing them. 

While balancing on the toes of others and performing inversions may appear intimidating, participants work in groups of three, with a base, a flyer, and a spotter on each team.

What Is Acro Yoga

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Although it is most likely intended for professionals, it is still impressive to do! It is usually performed by two or more people who engage in a combination of yoga and acrobatics. Acro yoga is a type of yoga in which participants are lifted and perform elaborate poses in an acrobatic style. This form of yoga is not for everyone, as it necessitates not only a thorough understanding of traditional yoga, but also strength training, flexibility training, and technique training in addition to other prerequisites.

Ithaca Acro Yoga

According to Day, “the base would be the person who is lifting the flyer, and the flyer would be the person who is being lifted.” “The spotter is the person in charge of ensuring that the move is completed safely. It is expected that they will always be around the hips and that they will always ensure that people fall safely, or ideally not fall at all.”

Day offers classes for beginners as well as more advanced students, and there is no prior experience necessary to participate.

One of our member Ithaca Acro Yoga, expresses her delight in the things her body is capable of.

Public’s View After They Practiced Acro Yoga

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““I’m a lot stronger than I give myself credit for,” says the author l”I can do a lot of different things, so it’s nice to know that I’m stronger than I thought,” says the author.

A person says that discovering a previously undiscovered strength is one of the things she enjoys doing the most. For the past year and a half, she has been doing it full-time and has enjoyed discovering all of the skills she didn’t know she possessed.

. ““I believe I am a reasonably solid foundation upon which to build much more.” My husband, who stands 6’3″, can lean on me, which is a good thing. As a small person, it’s been a pleasant surprise to discover that I am capable of lifting a male into the air, something I had previously believed was impossible for me to accomplish.”

Another person claims that the acro yoga community in Alberta is quite large, and Day is attempting to establish a similar culture in Medicine Hat by teaching classes.


Acroyoga is more physically demanding than many other types of yoga and can result in more injuries and thus said Acro yoga is not an easy task and. Ust be done under some or little expert guidance 

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