Learn Gymnastics Through Costumes Like Acrobatic Gymnastics

acrobatic gymnastics dance

Acrobatic gymnastics is a spectacular and amazing form of gymnastics, which requires the gymnast to perform acrobatic acts and moves. The art of acrobatic gymnastics was developed in Soviet Union as an exercise program for the soldiers. In this type of dance the gymnast is required to perform difficult body movements and to make leaps, twists and turns.

These dance routines are extremely vigorous and require tremendous power, coordination and strength.

Various Acrobatic Exercises

There are various acrobatic exercises which can be performed by a gymnast during her acrobatic gymnastics dance. One of the most common moves that almost all the acrobatic exercises involve is the floor leap. The gymnast performs this move by standing on a taut piece of floor fabric and leaping towards the air. She lands softly on the floor and then stands there to repeat the move. The second move of this dance is done by standing on the fabric on all fours and making her leap into the air.

Other acrobatic gymnastics moves include the moonwalk, which is performed by holding hands with both hands and bringing them together to form a circle. Then the gymnast walks with her legs facing outwards. At the same time she puts her arms and legs in an upward position and steps into the air. This movement is repeated several times and the gymnast ends up standing on the edge of a cliff.

The Colors Of These Clothes And Shoes

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In the competitive domain, each gymnast has several costumes and shoes which help her enhance her dance performance. The colors of these clothes and shoes are chosen based on the gymnasts appearance and the venue of the competition. It is an integral part of the art to dress for the occasion.

There are many reasons why gymnasts prefer to wear their costumes and footwear when performing their dance routines. One reason is that it helps them to keep warm during the cold months. Another reason is that they feel more comfortable. Shoes provide the gymnast with the necessary traction that keeps the gymnast safe and balanced. This also prevents the gymnast from taking unnecessary fall. Some of the other reasons include ease of maintenance and easy packing and unpacking.

The Recognized Centres

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If you are looking forward to joining an acrobatic gymnastics competition in any of the recognized centres around the world, you need to scout for the best gymnasts to join your team. You can also participate in the regional and local competitions offered by different gymnastic clubs in your area. You can learn many new strategies and techniques and polish your skills by participating in the various competitions organized by gymnastic clubs. You will surely impress the judges and fans alike with your unique acrobatic skills.

If you are not a skilled gymnast, it is very difficult to obtain high quality gymnastic costumes. Many gymnasts have a hard time procuring the costumes they need because of the prohibitively high price tags attached to them. In such cases, it makes sense to purchase the costumes online. You will find a huge range of choices available to you. You can choose the ones that best suit your body structure and size.


Your experience in gymnastics will stand you in good stead when it comes to learning how to perform various acrobatic moves in the dancing tights. The dance costumes serve as your best partner in performing difficult moves. These will also help you in enhancing your confidence levels. You will be able to perform better when the competition starts. It would be wise to start practicing gymnastics and learn all the required steps before you venture into this competitive field.

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