Learning Couples Yoga Poses Will Help Painful Lower Back Pain

two person yoga poses

So yes, partner yoga has been a great deal of fun, but those who have benefited the most from allowing themselves to be vulnerable and open have had much more benefit by letting themselves be open and vulnerable to the other person. If you’ve never practiced two-person yoga before, there are some things you should keep in mind before jumping into it.

Important tips you need to keep in mind:

Yoga Poses

First, you have to let go of the fear of looking silly or falling for a distraction. Don’t obsess over every move and every breath. Also, learn to be gentle with yourself. Sometimes when we are engaged in two person yoga poses our default is to become overly sensitive, impatient, or defensive. You don’t want to mess up this training because you are going to be putting yourself in situations where you need to be gentle and considerate of yourself.

Second, understand that you will not be able to do everything the first time you practice two person yoga poses. Part of practicing yoga means learning how to slow down and be in touch with how you feel deep inside. This means that you will not be able to execute every pose perfectly the first time. Instead, just take baby steps. Practice the poses as a couple, one person doing the breathing while the other performs the muscle strengthening, balancing and breathing.

Third, practice as if the weight of the body isn’t there. When you first do the two person yoga poses, find balance in all directions by using your feet and hands. After you find balance, use props to help you balance in various directions. That way, if you fall, you won’t fall straight down. Instead, you’ll be falling in the direction of the props.

Fourth, practice breathing in a relaxed manner. Breathing is very important in yoga poses. You want to inhale fully, then exhale slowly while using your stomach muscles to support your back. When you exhale, you want to go deeper, holding your breath for several seconds. Your goal is to reach a relaxed state of consciousness so that you can focus on the pain in your body without interruption. If you get too caught up in focusing on the pain, you could end up doing something that would worsen your condition, such as straining the spleen, which results in a heart attack.

Fifth, begin the exercise by aligning your right arm to your left hip. Begin the exercise by balancing yourself on your elbows, then slowly bringing each arm toward your chest. You will feel tension in your upper chest area. As you continue to balance yourself, slowly bring each arm to your side and bring the elbow closest to your hip down to your chest. You will now be in the standing position.

Sixth, the next yoga poses you will do are the one arm and one leg pose. To begin this pose, start with your right arm in a push-up position. Have your left leg in a push-up position, then extend it out at both sides. Next, exhale as you bring your left leg up to your chest.


Yoga Poses

Finally, the last couple yoga poses you will do are one arm and two leg yoga poses. For the first one, start by balancing yourself on your palms. Next, cross your legs over your hands and exhale as you bring each leg up to your chest. Continue this exercise until you feel some relief from the pain in your back.

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