Top 5 Tips For Acrobatic Pole Dance

Pole dance

When you want to club pole dancing with acrobatics, you need to know the basic skills of both the fields. It is not a very popular dance form and you need to have a lot of skills, curves, and grace to be able to do this perfectly. Along with these, you also need to know acrobatics. Here are the top 5 tips to help you get stronger and more graceful in acrobatic pole dance.

acrobatic pole dance

Acrobatic Pole Dance

If you have been amazed by the pole dancers’ movements and how effortlessly they spin from one trick to the next, then you should know that they have to work really hard to get to this perfection. If you love this dance form and aspire to learn acrobatic pole dance yourself, then you need to know these five basic tips first.

Acrobatic Pole Dance

Improve Your Overall Fitness 

Cardio and strengthening exercises are the keys to perfect form and effortless movements. You need to be fit and energetic from within. You need to shed excess fat, boost your metabolism, and increase your stamina. Cardio and strengthening exercises are the perfect way to do so. You should practice more of Aerial conditioning which you can do by practicing aerial yoga. It is a low-impact and calisthenic workout that is designed to boost the needs of acrobatic pole dancers.

Body Weight Exercises

There are many bodyweight exercises that do not require any special equipment. These are necessary as they build your stamina and make you stronger from the core. You can practice push-ups, planks, handstands, Russian twists, crunches, lunges, and squats in a cycle of 8 to 10 reps each. You can even add burpees in between sets of three of these exercises.


There are several poses in yoga that also help acrobatic pole dancers. One such pose is the mermaid pose that helps in building shoulder flexibility. This ancient practice is quite extensive and documented. It enhances your overall fitness and improves your flexibility. Yoga also brings balance to your life.


Eating a nutritious diet balanced with ample proteins, carbs, lipids, vitamins, and minerals is the key to overall health. If you want your body to function well, you need to be mindful of what you put into it. Food is the fuel that your body needs to function well and if you put high-quality fuel, it will give you the best results. Along with a healthy diet, drinking ample water is important. Ensure that you hydrate your body sufficiently as it will help in flushing down the toxins and boosting your metabolism.

pole dance exercises
Pole Dance Exercises

Consistency Is Key 

For acrobatic pole dance, you need to be consistent in your efforts. Regardless of any form of exercise you choose for your body, what is more, important is regular workouts. This will allow you to improve your acrobatic pole dance movements and your grace. You can gradually set new goals for yourself as you find your body getting fitter and stronger.


Sufficient rest is as important as your consistent workouts. It is this resting time that the muscles need to restore and regenerate. If you start resting for a couple of days every week, say during weekends, you will find yourself having more energy to hit the gym or workout on Mondays.

Acrobatic pole dancing is just another form of acrobatics. It requires you to be in a fit condition with more energy, stamina, and fitness. This can be achieved with the above-mentioned tips.

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