Synonyms For Acrobatic: Major Development Of Acrobatics

Development Of Acrobatics: Synonyms For Acrobatic

Chinese acrobatics has its origin in Chinese folk dances and in fact, is still one of its main applications. An example of this is wire-rope dancers, who are also acrobats because the acrobatic movement is necessary to bring the “wrong wire” to life. But acrobatics also plays a role in many other Chinese folk dances. In addition, Chinese acrobatics have become Chinese theater, just as Chinese folk dance has become Chinese theater.

Development Of Acrobatics: Synonyms For Acrobatic

Development Of Acrobatics: Synonyms For Acrobatic

Some theater performances during the Imperial period included roles that required an acrobat, and some included excerpts consisting of acrobat solo performances – sometimes accompanied by music – as well as interlude performances while the stage was being rebuilt.

This eventually led to local performances, which included more or less pure acrobatic inserts – as opposed to sang and dance numbers, dramas, etc. – included. Or, after a more “demanding” piece was performed, which demanded a degree of respect from the audience, a noisy troupe of acrobats could step on the stage as alcoholic beverages began to flow and the ordinary crowd began to cheer.

The aforementioned acrobatic “theater performances” had the ambiance of a circus performance where acrobats showcased all sorts of jumps, jumps, and somersaults, possibly one acrobat on the other and juggling, etc. Our idea of today’s circus is based on such performances,

What Are The Details Today?

Today, Chinese acrobatics still play a role in the theater, as well as in Peking Opera, where it is indispensable, however, acrobatics usually dives in Chinese folk dances – during the various annual festivals, such as the Lunar New Year’s Chinese Lunar New Year Spring Festival) – and in circuses, in which they entertain their audience with a wide range of acts, from the performance of magic (ie skill of the hand, etc.) to climbing, juggling to special actions such as the stacking of plates, bowls, glasses – on. Sometimes these performances include throwing objects at the head of an acrobat, trying to keep his balance perfectly – riding on an elephant or on a horse.

In recent years, Chinese acrobats have won many prizes in international competitions. Additionally, China has become the most appropriate title of “The World’s Best Acrobatic Performances”. In fact, the Chinese circus is popular. Additionally, it is probably even more popular abroad than at home. Demand for ever-new circus numbers continues. This makes Chinese acrobats face a bright future.

List Of Synonyms For Acrobatic Of China

#1. Synonyms for acrobatic – Juggling

#2. Synonyms for acrobatic – Balancing

#3. Synonyms for acrobatic – Pirouette

Experience One Can Have At Shanghai Acrobatic Shows:

Development Of Acrobatics: Synonyms For Acrobatic

Development Of Acrobatics: Synonyms For Acrobatic

  • Enjoy a Chinese acrobatics show by the Shanghai Acrobatics School and Troupe
  • Catch a performance by experienced acrobats who do breathtaking aerial tricks, balancing acts, juggling and more
  • Relax and enjoy the Shanghai nightlife in Xi Tian Di’s trendy neighborhood boasting boutiques, pubs, and restaurants
  • Feel the vibe, culture, and heritage along the People’s Square, the Bund, and the Former French Concession District


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