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acrobatic academy swim classes

The acrobatic academy Swim classes are a great way for children to learn how to perform various acrobatic maneuvers. Swimming is a great sport to get into and if you have never tried it you are missing out on a lot of fun! You may not be thinking about learning how to do acrobatic moves while you are taking swimming lessons. However, once you try to master the art of acrobatic swimming you will be hooked. There are several different types of acrobatic maneuvers that can be learned in acrobatic academy swim classes.

An Overview

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One of the most basic acrobatic training exercises that you will be taught is the freestyle Walk. You will learn how to jump out of the water without using both your arms or legs. Walk on one foot in the water and try to keep your body as straight as possible. As soon as you reach a certain speed you will want to twist your body 180 degrees so that you are working your upper body with your arms and legs.

Another common acrobatic training exercise is the underwater burpee. In this exercise you will stand up in the water and put both of your hands on the top of the fence that surrounds the pool. You will perform a push up by pushing yourself against the fence. Now simply pull yourself back into the water. Practice this a few times and you will be surprised at how strong you can get and how comfortable you will become at performing acrobatic routines underwater!

Acrobatic Academic Swimming Classes

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One of the more difficult acrobatic training exercises that you will be introduced to in acrobatic academy swim classes is the butterfly reverse. In this exercise you will need to inhale and exhale in very quick intervals. This will build up the stamina for you to perform the acrobatic combinations you will learn later.

Many people who have acrobatic routines planned for a competition will do the underwater somersault. This consists of swimming against the current while keeping your legs and arms in the water. You will turn to face the direction of the current while arching your back and stomach so that your spine is parallel to the water. You will then pull yourself back into the water. It may sound easy but it requires a lot of strength from your core.

One of the last exercises you will see in acrobatic training is freestyle diving. This is a very difficult acrobatic routine that consists of jumping out of the water while floating to the side. It involves swimming against the current, turning to face the water and then coming up again. A good example would be if someone was in the water and then jumped out with their arm straight out. This would be called a tuck. A similar maneuver involves swimming with one leg in the water while kicking the opposite leg out in front.

Bottom Line

When you watch the videos, you will also see pictures of acrobatic moves in action. In order to master acrobatic routines and swim with ease in the water you must be in good shape prior to beginning the course. If you are not in good shape, you should make sure to get started on an appropriate level so that you do not become injured. It is also important to warm up properly prior to the acrobatic training so that you do not become too tense in your muscles and tendons.

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