The Myriad Facets Of Acrobatic Yoga

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The basic blending of yoga and acrobatics is known as acrobatic yoga. It is widely popular these days. It is kind of a sensation in western nations. Especially due to the influence and teaching of Kelly Lawson and acrobatic yoga, this domain has started gaining exponential popularity. Many are giving it a try. The number of users of this medium is bound to increase over time. People are greatly accepting this form of yoga. It is more of a vigorous form than the already traditional yoga that we know about. 


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Multiple types of styles can be found in the domain of acrobatic yoga. It has to be remembered that styles are of utmost importance in the case of yoga because the particular body postures only give an overall meaning to it. Without the body postures in the correct format, it becomes nearly impossible to have a proper means of acrobatic yoga. So it is imperative to follow the proper style to get the best possible result.

Teachers And Yoga

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Teachers are very important when it comes to yoga. After all, they are the ones who teach the myriad facets of yoga. As such if we analyze the subject of yoga from a comprehensive point of view, it shall be seen that multiple aspects are unknown to us which can be made clear by the teachers only. 

Thus it is imperative to have the right kind of yoga teacher who will lead us in the right possible direction when it comes to learning this art. That is why Kelly Lawson and acrobatic yoga are so popular these days just because of her teaching. Her focus on the basics of the subject makes it easily accessible for all and thus it is a brilliant concept that is gaining so much popularity these days.

Therapeutic Role

Acrobatic yoga is widely known for its therapeutic role. The lives that we live these days are full of stress and monotony and drudgery and so on. It becomes immensely difficult to adjust to this life and multiple complications concerning our health occur which is never desirable. Now, it has to be remembered that there is a wide range of allopathic treatments available for different types of diseases. But many diseases do not have a definite type of cue. 

In those cases, yoga poses to be beneficial. The therapeutic aspect of yoga helps us to overcome all the side effects that are caused by modern medicine. With the help of yoga, several lifestyle complication-related diseases can be avoided. Even if they take place, they can be easily cured. Yoga is immensely beneficial from that point. Acrobatic yoga intensifies the therapeutic benefits of traditional yoga. It makes us more resilient and helps us to survive in the daily walks of life and that is truly intriguing.


Thus through this article, we explored some of the interesting aspects of the domain of acrobatic yoga.

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