What Does Acrobatic Mean

what does acrobatic mean

“Acrobatic” is one word that strikes fear in many an adult’s hearts. Though the word has a slightly older meaning, that of an “artistic contortion of body movements,” it is generally accepted today as meaning “mighty or exceptional athletic performance.” So what does acrobatic mean in gymnastics? When it comes to gymnastics, it is defined as “a series of graceful gymnastic moves (especially the rope face lifts) done with little or no equipment.” So what can a gymnast do to get into the “what does acrobatic mean?”

Balance, Strength, Flexibility, And Athleticism Are Required

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Achieving acrobatic heights in gymnastics requires a lot of balance, strength, flexibility, and athleticism. There are four main categories of acrobatic tumbles. The first is the vertical tumble. Athletes use acrobatic tumbles to build strength, precision, and speed in their tumbling efforts. The other three include the trapeze, the free throw, and the cannonball.

One of the most overlooked acrobatic moves is the air jet. This is performed by using the entire body weight as resistance to propel yourself through the air. It is the basis for many other acrobatic tumbles, and it requires a balance to achieve it. The jet is often used in indoor and/or outdoor competitions. What does acrobatic mean when it comes to this move?

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Since the acrobatic definition of acrobatics includes a series of movements done to overcome gravity, jumping is part of the routine. In most forms of gymnastics, one or more gymnasts perform the jumping routine. This is done with tumbling or acrobatic moves. Jumping takes a lot of practice to perfect, so it is often considered one of the more difficult aspects of gymnastics.

Dancers, too, have one form of acrobatic gymnastics. In many forms of ballroom dancing, dancers take the tumbling approach. As in gymnastics, the dancers use their entire bodies to move gracefully through the routines. So, what does acrobatics mean for dancers? It could very well be that these same principles may help dancers to perform in both sports and dance.

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In martial arts, too, there is a separate acrobatics definition. Martial arts practitioners often utilize tai chi or other forms of acrobatics. When looking at how to define this skill, it would seem that acrobatics come from many different areas. It could include gymnastics, ballroom dancing, martial arts, or any number of other endeavors.

Perhaps, the most accurate way to understand acrobatics is to look at the definition of acrobatics as it relates to the sport of basketball. Basketball is a game of unique athletic acrobatics. If you watch any basketball game, you will see the stars of the sport use acrobatics to get themselves into position to block, drive to the hole, or rebound. What does acrobatics mean for the game of basketball?

Summing Up

One type of acrobatic stunts that requires a skill or agility level is the armor check. With this stunt the athlete has to rely on his speed to prevent being blocked by a weapon or struck by an opponent. This skill can be used in a variety of different situations including street fights, boxing matches, gymnastics shows, and as defenses during competitions. Freestyle and armor check stunts require minimal training to learn and execute. They are extremely popular because they show a fighter’s athletic ability and skill at the same time and are very fun to perform.

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