What is So Special About Acrobatic Arts

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Houston, Texas is the home of the world famous Acrobatic Arts Festival. Since this festival was first introduced it has gained recognition from all over the world. People attend this festival to watch the best acrobatic acts from different parts of the world. Some of the performers at this event are the members of Cirque du Soleil along with Dancers from the troupe.

Acrobatic Arts In Houston

The acrobatic arts in Houston are performed by the finest acrobatic dancers from the Philippines, Brazil, Spain, Germany and the United States of America. The festival organizers take extreme care in selecting the performers who are the best in their respective disciplines. It is a huge talent and a hard work to select the best and most talented acrobatic dancers from across the globe. The main theme of the festival is to showcase the various talents of the dancers and entertain the audience at the same time.

Which Are The Dancers Performing Acrobatic Arts?

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Dancers performing here include the following: Hector De Los Rios, Jovani Amanpour, Gael Garcia Marquez, Jazzy B, Crystal Belle and many more. Each of these performers have won many awards and have established their name and reputation in the world of acrobatic dance. Many of them have also gained international recognition for their performances. These include: The Obermater of Houston International University’s Master of Ceremonies for Male Dancers, The Academy of Social Sciences Academy of Dance’s Best Student Performer, The International School of Derangement Technique (ISDT) in Colombia’s Best Student Performance Artist and The International Dance Academy’s Best Male Artist.

Houston Gymnasts

Houston’s Gymnasts are the latest addition to the world of acrobatic dance. They perform exotic and energetic routines that will surely thrill and fascinate you. They are world class gymnasts known for their strength, grace and style. They are trained by world-class coaches who are very accomplished and skilled at gymnastic exercises. They know how to execute movements in difficult positions and can withstand extreme physical exhaustion.

The Gymnasts have won several titles during their performances including: The World Games Tallest Figure Competitor, The World University Games Men’s Tallest Figure Competitor and the US National Team Dancer of the Year. They are also known for their beauty as they wear uniforms featuring vibrant and eye-catching colors and materials. Their costumes are designed to complement their unique features and provide maximum comfort while they are dancing. Aside from their beautiful appearance and amazing skills, the Gymnasts also provide the audience a great show! Their dances are energetic, distinctive, entertaining and exciting.

Who Is Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore is another talented member of the Gymnastics team. He is a rising star in the field of acrobatic dance. Enzo has the unique characteristics of being both tall and slim while maintaining an agile quality that allows him to flawlessly balance on his partner’s body while he is performing acrobatic moves. Enzo is also well known for his powerful displays of athleticism which have made him an Olympic and Canadian Champion. Enzo’s graceful and athletic skills make him a worthy competitor in the world of gymnastics.

Alex LaValle Is Another Emerging Star

Houston’s own Alex LaValle is another rising star in the world of acrobatic dance. A native of Houston, LaValle is a gymnast and he loves the challenges that this sport provides him. Although he began his career as a runner, gymnast and Tae Bo practitioner, he was enticed by the acrobatic style of dance that was being performed by members of the Houston Metroplex’s Acrobatic Arts Team. As he watched them execute incredible stunts and moves on the field, he was enchanted by it and signed up to join them. Although he is originally from Montreal, he now resides in Houston.

Final Thoughts

There are many other members of the Acrobatic Arts Houston who are equally talented and passionate. The highlight of each month is usually an invigorating show put on by the entire Acrobatic Arts Team and the audience of the Silverton Ballroom. The talented gymnasts not only perform to fill the evening, they are also seen on television and often comment on their amazing experiences. They are interviewed by the world’s most popular television program, CNN.

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