Where Can I Learn Acrobatic Arts in China

acrobatic arts in china

When people talk about acrobatic arts in China, they are talking about the exotic arts and stunts popular among Chinese people. One of the most famous of these is acrobatic wrestling. If you have ever seen a Chinese person performing acrobatic moves on the stage of a performance or exhibition, then you would have been impressed with their ability to move around and take people off guard. It is not an exaggeration when people say that acrobatic arts in China are more common and widespread than martial arts. While many martial arts are being taught in schools across the country, martial arts are generally confined to a small number of disciplines, such as Wing Chun and kung fu, for example.

What Is Beijing Circus Troupe?

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The acrobatic arts in China were developed over the years by various organizations of professionals in the country. One of these organizations was the Beijing circus troupe, which was established in 1932. The troupe was initially set up as a traveling circus and was gradually expanded to other parts of the country, including Hong Kong and Taipei. Today, it has branches in over 20 countries. In its recent expansion, the troupe has added new branches in Manila, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Zambian National Ring Troupe

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Another acrobatic arts group practicing today in China is the Zambian National Ring Troupe. The Zambian National Ring Troupe was established in 2021, and it currently has ten acrobatic teams and numerous members who have trained in all kinds of disciplines. The most striking characteristic of this troupe is the huge amount of physical training devoted to grappling, throws, flips, and acrobatic gymnastics. Although the overall focus of the group is on acrobatic gymnastics, they also perform other techniques, such as freestyle wrestling, ring walking, saas, tae kwon do, and chi dau.

Tai Chi Association In China

The Tai Chi Association in China is another prevalent acrobatic arts group. This association is closely associated with the Chinese Government’s push for encouraging more physical fitness in the country. The Tai Chi Association was established to exercise Tai Chi for health and fitness purposes. The Tai Chi Association now has dozens of branches in places like Beijing, Dunhuang, Huilin, Xujiahui, Kaifeng, and many other cities and counties throughout China.


The last type of performance art that we will discuss is the trapeze. The trapeze began in the early 16th century when French artists introduced the apparatus to the court of Catherine de Medici. At the time, the French government was promoting a “lavish” culture, which included elaborate dress, elaborate furniture, and the performance of highly theatrical artistic acts. The trapeze was adopted from this culture and eventually came to be known as the French trapeze.

Final Thoughts

Of course, one of the fascinating things about all the acrobatic arts practiced in China is that they allow people of all sizes, shapes, and ages to take part. It does not matter if you are six feet tall and two hundred pounds; you can still learn how to perform many traditional Chinese dances acrobatically. And, you can do them with the people you love! So, if you ever meet people from China interested in learning a new form of dance, don’t be surprised if they ask you where you learned to dance acrobatically. You might just have the answer to their next question…

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