Yoga Acrobatic Poses – Its Important Terms And Languages

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1. Partner flow

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When two people practise any acrobatic yoga pose is called a partner flow. Practitioners are being helped while doing stretching, they have good communication between them and they too generate a feeling of empathy towards each other.

2. Circle ceremony

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Before the beginning of any practices, taking place of circle ceremony is there as a group. This ceremony of circle enhances communication and unity between the group by conversing with each other.

3. Acrobatics between partners

More of the best techniques, practising and skills are required while doing acrobatics between partners. There is a need for support called spotter which is used as a base and a person doing acrobatic is called a flyer has to begin with practising more hard poses transformations.

4. Base

A person lying on the mat firmly through their back to the below is called the base. The acrobatic positions are created through the base.

5. Flyer

The base uplifts the person who is called the flyer. For a practice to be successful a proper balance and good strength is needed by a flyer.

6. Spotter

Both the flyer and the base is supported by a spotter. To make the form better and ensure that everyone is safe from falling, a spotter is needed.

7. Therapeutic flying

The main focus is on the flyer which is further focussed by therapeutic flying. Acrobatic positions are mainly practised by the flyer which will lengthen your spines and helps in massaging of the body and gravity is being used for doing this.

Tips that you should follow while doing acrobatic sessions to feel safe

1. Self – judgement should be honest

Be real while practising acrobatic positions. Being open to yourself on that particular day, analysing your level of skill and what poses you would love to do is very crucial in acrobatics.

2. Don’t forget to warm yourself before practising acrobatic 

For doing any physical activity, warming yourself for exercise is a must. Warm-up includes anything you like doing. Stretching yourself up before your acrobatic classes will help you free of injuries and makes your body healthier.

3. You have to communicate openly every time with your peer group

The important part of your success is communication, even in acrobatic, communication is necessary. Even the spotter, the base and the flyer are to be engaged in continuous communication telling about their feelings and about their intentions to practice any poses.

4. You should try that spotter on which you have trust completely 

It’s pretty cool to try the acrobatic positions with your friends without any spotter. But trusting your coach, you would have to find another person except your partner is needed.


So you all should try these poses of acrobatics which will make your body more effective and efficient. Further, you will be happy doing these exercises as they will make your body healthier.

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