Yoga Poses For Two People – Beginners Friendly Versions

yoga poses for two

There are numerous health advantages of partner yoga, which include physical and mental perks, including increased muscle tone, reduced stress, improved breathing, and increased emotional well-being. Anybody who wishes to experience these benefits of yoga in a romantic relationship should consider trying partner yoga poses for two. By practicing this type of yoga, you’ll strengthen your relationship with each other and develop a stronger sense of intimacy. It will increase your ability to compassionately care for one another. Furthermore, it can help to enhance your communication and relationship skills, and improve your sense of balance. There are a few partner yoga poses that can be used by couples, and these are covered in this article.

Involving The Lower Body

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The first set of easy yoga poses for two that most couples would probably want to try are yoga poses involving the lower body. These would include triangle poses, arm circles, and cat poses. Couples could also choose to try headstands or supported back bends.

For a slightly harder set of poses, one or both partners can sit on the floor with their legs straight. They can then bring their legs up to their chest and curl their pelvis up toward the other person. After they’ve curled, they can twist their pelvis forward to bring one leg up, and then down. Repeat these motions for the other leg. It’s important to stretch out both legs before trying any of these poses.

Romantic Evening Together

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The second set of yoga poses for two is more fun way to get ready for a romantic evening together. One or both people can sit cross legged, with their feet together. They can then cross their legs and raise their legs, making their toes point upwards. Slowly move the legs out to the sides, until they’re about halfway straight.

Next, couples can twist their legs, so their knee touches the opposite knee of the opposite hand. Inhale, and keep legs together. While in breathing, imagine that the tips of the fingers are the wings of an airplane. After a few deep breaths, then slowly exhale.

Straight And Seated Position

The third yoga for two positions is sitting in a straight, seated position. One person sits on the edge of the bed, with knees bent, and feet flat on the ground. Their hands may be placed at either side of their head, to support their weight. Their legs may be folded, so they are rested on the bed. Sitting comfortably, they can now begin the boat pose.


Many yoga poses for two people can be practiced with a partner yoga practice, or as individual yoga practice. As you become more advanced in your yoga practice, you will likely find yourself inviting friends over to join you in some of the more challenging yoga poses for two people. Couples yoga is a great way to bring new people into your yoga practice and to continue your exploration of yoga poses for two people.

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